Using Enterprise Vault Software

Advances are being made with archiving software all the time. It wasn’t so long ago that companies were archiving everything using a complex system of filing cabinets. The transition from filing cabinets to archiving software has been a somewhat bumpy one, and now, certain types of archiving software are starting to look as outdated as the filing cabinets that they replaced. The new Symantec Enterprise Vault software is making it easier than ever before for employees in huge organizations to gain access to all of the data that they need.

Some of the information in any large organization is not going to be accessed very often. The costs involved with storing it are going to add up, which is one of the many reasons that older versions of archiving software are not as efficient as the newer ones. With Enterprise Vault 11, this category of information is moved to the lower-cost storage areas, potentially saving large organizations a lot of money in the process. However, perhaps even more importantly, the chances of actually losing any important pieces of information will be greatly reduced as a result of the new changes to Enterprise Vault software.

The archiving features for Enterprise Vault 11 are extensive. It takes into account the importance of social media in the modern world, given the new built-in compliance with social media websites. Social media entries are important, and social media websites are important tools. More and more businesses are going to have to make use of them in both directions. Enterprise Vault 11 distinguishes itself as a truly modern piece of software for taking these trends into account.


The custodian-based search will allow users to find almost any piece of data that they’re looking for, even if they’re looking for something from the e-mail archives. Plenty of important information gets transferred through e-mail, and organizations that receive hundreds of e-mails daily cannot access all of them efficiently without the aid of the appropriate archiving software. These kinds of advances in archiving software signal the changing ways that different industries view information.

Ultimately, even the best corporate computer systems can fail. Companies lose huge amounts of data as a result of technical glitches and mysterious accidents all the time, and they may end up spending thousands of dollars trying to get back what was lost. Enterprise Vault software may make these sorts of situations a thing of the past, because this kind of software is making it that much easier to save absolutely everything to the cloud. Companies can back up their data and backup their backup data, making it very difficult for them to lose anything.


The Information Age has brought with it additional security threats. Companies now face new problems with sensitive employee information and other types of sensitive data. The data classification services that Enterprise Vault 11 offers are making it easier for companies to flag the e-mails that contain information like this. Employees should have fewer problems thanks to software like this, and companies should have fewer problems as well.

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