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A still from the amazing video Adam did for the Couch to 5k iPhone app of Lucius Kwok. When I first saw it in the video, I though they photoshopped it. Apparently, not. Priceless.

There’s a moment when you’ve cut the junk away and balanced whatever there is to be balanced. Suddenly the content just floats in front of you. Weightlessness, lightness, transparency. As designers of clarity, these feelings tell us when we’ve hit the nail where we should hit it.

Ryan Singer, on Signal vs. Noise

Balloon, face and 7000 frames per second? Great short from Mike Matas.

On starting

Entrepreneurs don’t need degrees like lawyers and doctors do. They are credentialed by virtue of their track record. The first startup is hard but if they make that one work, they end up with something much better than a college degree.

Some of the founders didn’t have the patience to sit through four years of education they didn’t feel was relevant to them. And some of the founders were too busy starting companies to finish college. The point is, there is something to learning by doing instead of just learning. One Thing You Don’t Need To Be An Entrepreneur: A College Degree by Fred Wilson.


It’s better to make a few people really happy than to make a lot of people semi-happy. I was saying recently to a reporter that if I could only tell startups 10 things, this would be one of them. Then I thought: what would the other 9 be?

10 plus 3 extra things Paul Graham would tell startups:

  1. Pick good cofounders.
  2. Launch fast.
  3. Let your idea evolve.
  4. Understand your users.
  5. Better to make a few users love you than a lot ambivalent.
  6. Offer surprisingly good customer service.
  7. You make what you measure.
  8. Spend little.
  9. Get ramen profitable.
  10. Avoid distractions.
  11. Don’t get demoralized.
  12. Don’t give up.
  13. Deals fall through.